Ionic App Structure for beginners?

Hello, I am a college student and recently I was given an assignment to research a new technology and I picked Ionic. It looks great so far but I am having a bit of trouble when it comes to the structure. I have experience with REST, express, mongo, mysql etc, so I am not a (complete) newbie but still struggling! I want to make an app based on the ‘tabs’ starter app and connect it to a mysql db via REST and Node. Would anyone be able to help me with the structure that I would have to put in place based on the tabs starter?

For example, how would I implement express, how do I take care of routing? Do I need to create a server.js file? What should go in there? I am just a bit lost and would love some help, or if there was a tutorial that anyone knows of (I have searched a good bit) that deals with creating an ionic app first and then building some database connectivity on top of it, I dont want to to through a service backend like Firebase, I want to learn how to do it all myself!

Thanks very much!

If you starting with tabs there navigation and everything is already setup. Study the code and see how controller.js, app.js and service.js interact. From there you can replace the static data with restful and pass it between your controller and service. In your service your make your calls to the restful Api and then in controller your set your array to a scope and maybe display it in list with Ng-repeat. If you do a quick google there plenty of tutorials online

There is a really good video here.

This video shows every thing u need in 35 min