Advice of Backend for ionic



I begin a new project and I want to begin with Ionic 1. I would like to create an app who classify events and I would like your advices of which backend to use with Ionic/angular ?

For the moments, I find that Node Js/Mongo DB is a good choice.

Thanks in advance


Use whatever you have most experience with or are most confident you can gain the experience. Ionic only requires an API on the other side, and APIs can be built in almost all backend frameworks quite easily.

(But: Are you already experienced in Ionic v1 and AngularJS? Otherwise I would strongly advise you to go to Ionic and Angular directly)


Hello thanks for the answer

Yes it’s my first true project but not the first ionic project.
I already build a prototype of app with php/mysql with $http but I found that with a lot of content, It’s not really optimised for… Was a bit laggy after !

So I want to learn a new way and I heard about nosql databases. But I’m searching something close to what I know for the moment