What is the best suitable Back End API for Ionic?

Dear All,

I am newbie for Ionic. Now i am still learning about ionic. One of thinks that make me confuse is Back End API for Ionic ? can you share with me what is the best / suitable Back End Api for Ionic ?

I have read about supporting JS (NodeJS, Monggo, Firebase, ExpressJS). thats all make me confuse.

Thanks for information.

for mobile apps nodejs is in my opinion the best.
Because in apps you want that thousands of people can send many requests at the same time. And for those a non-blocking and async approach is the best. (you can reach this also in other script languages like perl with some frameworks).

I like nodejs because it is something like “lightweight” in comparison with monsters like java or c#.

To clearify:
NodeJS is server-side language based on chromes v8 JavaScript engine. So you can write backendcode in javascript
MongoDB is documentbased database system often used with NodeJS-Backends
ExpressJS is a framework for NodeJS to build APIs.

And Firebase is simple a BaaS (backend as a service) --> you do not need to host your backend or create source code to get an API and Database. There you have a GUI where you can create data-models and api endpoints.

thanks bengtle. thats very helpfull…

I’ll try…

can i use php :slight_smile: