How to build app for iPhone without Mac?

Well I have developed my app for android but I don’t have any Mac computer
So does any one know that how to build app for iPhone withoutac system ?
Or any online build options are available ?

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There’s a discussion about this on stack overflow. I remember reading somehwere that it’s possible to build your app without a mac but you will need to generate certificates etc with a machine running osx. I also remember reading that you need a mac to upload the .ipa but unsure if that is still true. Either way you will need an apple developer account.

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not sure how it works but I think that phonegap build has a service for cloud builds try this


Even the cloud builds you have to have the right certificates generated on OSX. And you do have to upload your finalized build via Xcode I believe. It’s also the easiest since it handles everything for you. I’ve seen people use a vm or even dual boot OS X. I would totally give that a try.

Hello @jaygajjar40

You can easily get one virtual mac on a monthly hosting fee here.

I suggest, this will help you know how the usual mac certification works and make a build for IOS .


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Thanks for your reply guys.

well i have all the things like apple developer account, certificates etc. but don’t have mac computer.
based on my searching. i could find one service

so does any know that is it possible to build iphone application file using ?

i am ready to get paid plan of that service if it’s working good.

Thank you.

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You can install mac os in virtual machine on windows base pc, and you can use it.

But for that windows pc need high configuration around 8GB ram

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Can you tell me about that software for window ?

i have window os with high configuration.

software name is vmware that is work as virtual machine.

and OS X Mavericks image file is available on torrent you can download and directly load this image into vmware. so it will install mac environment in vmware and you can work normally you are working on mac.


look at Intel XDK programm

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Hi Guys,

Just a quick similar question:

Can we build a windowsPhone 8+ on a Linux Machine (without windows OS) ?

To give you a full answer as someone who has actually gone through the full process and used PhoneGap Build.

  1. You DO NOT need a Mac to build an app if you use PhoneGap Build.
  2. You DO NOT need a Mac to generate certificates as some people in this thread have stated.
  3. You DO NEED A MAC to actually upload the file to the app store using either XCode or Application Loader.

Hello Andrew,

I understand point 1 and point 3. However, can you please explain how you could generate the provision profile without a mac. If you have those steps written, it would really be a great help to others in the forum.


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@naveenkarippai1 No that is one of those platforms that requires the windows os. And I bought a developers account for windows phone to try it out in a VM on my Mac and i couldn’t get the tools or the emulator to work/load because it was trying to find my graphics cards and such but it wasn’t able to. I’m sure there is more I could do in the VM configuration but it wasn’t something that just worked right off the bat.

Is ionicframework providing any facility similar to ( like generating all platform application file by just uploading project directory ) ?

if it is, then i m sure it would be the best than any other

Not that I know of. They have Ionic View which is JUST a testing service that puts your apps code on a phone with Ionic View. It still requires all the certificates and such like stated before, it wouldn’t make much of a difference.


no ionic is not providing build facility like phonegap provide.

It is a bit of a confusing process. This is a copy/paste from some old documentation.

Before going through these steps, you must have OpenSSL installed (

Using a command line window:

  1. cd C:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin (or path to where you installed SSL)
  2. openssl genrsa -out ios_distribution.key 2048
  3. openssl req -new -key ios_distribution.key -out CertificateSigningRequest.certSigningRequest -subj /emailAddress=YOUEMAILADDRESS, CN=YOUR NAME, C=COUNTRYCODE
  4. Go to and sign in. Go to “certificates” under iOS.
  5. Under the Certificates menu on the left, click “All”, and then the “+” button aka: Add
  6. Pick either a Development “iOS App Development” or a Production “App Store and Ad Hoc” certificate. Note: You will need to go through the process twice to have a development and a production version of the app.
  7. Download the “Wordwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority” (AppleWWDRCA.cer) file from the same page
  8. Click Continue until you get to the “Generate your certificate” screen. Upload the .certSigningRequest file you created earlier and click generate. Download the generated ios_development.cer file.
  9. Create a Provisioning Profile by clicking on “All” under “Provisioning Profiles” on the left menu, and then clicking the “+” symbol, aka: add.
  10. Again, you will need to create both Development and a Distribution (App Store) versions.
  11. Create the Provisioning Profile for the App using the new .cer file (ios_development.cer)
  12. Download the .mobileprovision file
  13. In Command Prompt: openssl x509 -in ios_distribution.cer -inform DER -out ios_distribution.pem -outform PEM
  14. openssl pkcs12 -export -inkey ios_distribution.key -in ios_distribution.pem -out ios_distribution.p12 -passout pass:PASSWORD
  15. .key, .pem, and .p12 files will be generated

I use Intel XDK. You can then build your hybrid mobile app for Android or iOS on Intel’s servers. I still had to use a Mac though to upload the builds to AppStore so you may have to conjure a Mac in the end.

Hi @heems,

Do you know if it’s possible to build windows phone apps on a Ubuntu machine with Intel XDK?

Thank you :wink: