How do you do Build on a Windows machine and Mac?

I am rebuilding an old Cordova app where i used Phonegap-Build to build a iOS app.
I am hoping I can get everything working as PWA but if I need a iOS app I will need to setup some sort of DevOp environment to build on both Windows and Mac. I use github as repository, but would like a automated rebuild on the Mac when ever I publish on the Windows machine.

How do you do this in your projects. ?

Since you are using Ionic, take a look at their AppFlow offering.

It might be just what you need.

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Please use electron target and you deploy your ionic web source(www)
and then modify your electron target’s package.json and entrypoint(index.html/index.js)
Electron can wrap web source(folder) easily on electron platform.

refer to this forum’s link .

The combination Ionic and electron is so cool and wonderful :smile:

Yes it is what I need, but right now I thought I needed to set it up for local build, for more control and to save a little money, but I should probably just go with the full app automation, it properly pays out in the end.