Electron target: empty page

I have tried to use capacitor to generate electron apps from both an exist React Web app and using the “tabs” Ionic app. In both cases I only get an empty page with the console message attached. Here are the commands I used for the Ionic tabs app. What am I missing?

from https://capacitor.ionicframework.com/docs/getting-started/with-ionic:
- created app with `ionic start myApp tabs --capacitor`
- verified working with `ionic serve`
- did a build with `ionic build`
- initialized capacitor with `npx cap init myApp org.unfoldingword.myApp`
  - used npm client
- changed webDir value in capacitor.config.json to `build`
- added "electron" as a target platform with `npx cap add electron`
- started electron client with `npx cap open electron`

Ionic Electron

Found solution at:

electron target is simple: it wraps published web source(folder) on electron platform.
You should modify your own electron target’s package.json and index.html/index.js(entrypoint).