Heads up: AngularJS v1.3 will be in beta14


How do i update angular version from 1.2.x to 1.3.x in ionic

Also for those interested, the biggest change for Ionic was that $animate now uses promises instead of callbacks in Angular v1.3. Other than that, only 2 of 800+ unit tests failed, and those have been updated (for beta14).



Awesome !
Looking forward.


Awesome we already use it with the nightly, does that mean animation cannot work yet ? :slight_smile: @adam any date for beta 14 ?
Thanks a lot Ionic is awesome


Nice! one-time-bindings looks quite useful!

Also wondering when bete14 will be out. Im looking forward to the new <ion-slide-box>!


the one-time-bindings look promising!
Someone already measured the difference in performance using one-time vs two-way-binding ?


Awesome, please keep up the great work, Ionic has been really awesome for our team! Can’t wait to get on the Angular v1.3 train.


Awesome news, I cant wait to try out AngularJs material with ionic.


Same here. looks real interesting


@Apavillet View transitions, actionsheet and modal probably do not work correctly if you use Angular v1.3 with Ionic Beta13 and below. They may not be immediately noticeable, but strange things may start happening, or stuff may just stop being clickable. Angular v1.3 won’t fire off the callbacks which Ionic is waiting for to enable/disable certain interactions.


Great news!

one time binding is very useful for me.

i can’t wait it!


Awesome,I can’t wait any longer.


Me too,
Does anyone know, when .14 will be releases ?


Considering they average 1 beta /month … I would say within the next 2 weeks, But probably within this week… Please note that it’s only a projection based on their earlier releases.


Awesome! Can’t wait!. Ive been using the Angular 1.3 beta for months now, no wonder i’ve been having so many issues with transitions! Gonna install beta14 as soon as it arrives!


As a temporary solution, if you do a search through the ionic-angular.js file for “$animate.” and replace all those instances that have callbacks with promises it should help. I’ve been testing it out and its working great.


I would just wait a week or two for the release instead of doing these patches


I tried out the nightly with Angular v1.3 and it actually looked great, and fixed a lot of minor issues. The ONLY thing i saw stop working was the actionsheet was no longer getting removed on cancel. It appeared to be removed, but there was still the outer wrapper action-sheet-backdrop blocking the rest of the UI. Hopefully this is related to the promises thing, thought I would bring it up just in case it might actually be a bug.

All in all GREAT work! Can’t wait for beta 14!


i tried the nigthly with angular 1.3.0 and it was fine but i had problem with the refactored slide-box.
Both in android and ios devices the animation was broken, while in browsers worked fine :frowning: