Heads up: AngularJS v1.3 will be in beta14


This is awesome.
I am waiting for ngStrictDi :smile:


@adam Do you guys have an ETA? Dying to try 14.


We’re doing a lot of testing this week on beta 14 to make sure we cover everything. So hopefully soon


Awesome! Looking forward to it very much


I just discovered a need in my app for Angular 1.3.x - I’m hoping I can jump on beta14 soon so I can fix this problem without having to write a work-around!


here also cant wait!!!

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AngularJS v1.3 is now in the nightly builds:


Do you have a tag or branch on github of nightly builds? I’ll like to use it via bower.



any news on beta14?
overdue 1 month according to github milestone


I’ll gladly miss my own deadline to ensure the release is well tested: Please help test: Angular 1.3, improved transitions, cached views, etc


How do I test? just upgrade to beta13 nightly?


yes thats correct :smiley:


How can I upgrade an existing project to beta 14 and angularJS 1.3? I tried replacing the /lib/ionic/* files and bricked my project.

Are breaking changes listed somewhere?

Thank you ( I love ionic!)


yes just replace all files inside the ionic folder

and here are breaking changes: