Beta 14, Angular 1.3


Any sense from anyone when Beta 14 (which works with Angular 1.3) will be officially released?

There are so many features in 1.3 now that make development in Angular easier, and not being able to use them is hugely frustrating. So it’d be good to know - for development schedules and for explaining to clients or bosses why certain things don’t work (ngMessages, validation on blur in forms, and so much more) - when the new release will be live.

Thanks for any updates on this.


As soon as its ready :wink:

But we’d love more feedback on how well it’s working: Please help test: Angular 1.3, improved transitions, cached views (repost)


I know they were originally shooting for end of November but this beta is HUGE in terms of features and rewrites of some features.

They’re taking some extra time to test it before officially releasing it which is very responsible considering how many possible bugs could be introduced with a release this big.


Thanks for the update - I understand.