Any indication on when 1.0 beta will land?


Not to come across as impatient, but merely inquiring. Have the devs released any information on when the 1.0 beta will be released?

Reason I ask is there are some relatively big changes in 1.0 and I’m not sure whether to fix outstanding issues in my projects in the old 0.9.27 way or wait until the 1.0 beta is released. Any info would be helpful. Thanks of course to the devs for their hard work!


I’m not speaking officially because I simply haven’t heard myself; so, take this with a grain of salt.

I don’t think the devs are going to make a specific announcement as to a timeline. It’s understandable that everyone “needs” to know. However, it’s also a fact everyone would freak out if the devs announced a date and missed it. So, we’ll all just have to make our own decisions based on our own criteria.

I know the API is still quite dynamic. For example, in the last week all delegates were removed and just last night, they were all added back in - bigger and better.


Yup, followed the discussion on Github. All sounds very promising.

Understand of course about there not being a concrete release date yet. Just chalk it up to enthusiasm :wink:


I have decided to use Salamander for dev right now, but watch the nightlies each day to see what’s going on. That way I’m not constantly refactoring, but when the beta does come out I should have a pretty good idea of the api differences.