Getting started with ionic

I wonder what would be the best way to get started efficiently.
I have knowledge in UI patterns and such, but no experience with angular/ionic.
Should I just follow the short videos about ionic & play with the css components, or perhaps the best way to write scalable code would be to learn angularjs deeply?

How would you suggest me to approach this?

Also, what would be a good ide to work with on mac environment?
Is there anything that easily suggests classes / types and other attributes of the angular/ionic libraries?

I’d do the Thinkster tutorial on Angularjs first, then come back to Ionic.

I use Sublime Text as my IDE.

I would suggest start by doing a practice project, reading the docs and practicing at the same time, it is my approach, I always go to docs and github issues, stackoverflow, there is always an answer for my doubts, but if something is not so clear then I ask on forums.
You can learn angular (the basics) by reading the tutorial on the official website, also you can find useful this site, I’m also new with ionic and I’m learning by building a little app that interacts with github’s api :slight_smile:

I use atom for coding, I recommend it

Thanks, I’ll watch the thinkster tutorials first
Isnt there an IDE that when I type class=“bar-” will suggest me bar-dark, and similarly other options?
Both this and Atom (Which I currently using) cant do that.

check this free course i used it when i was just getting started