Learn Ionic 1.0 or 2.0?

I am new to Ionic and AngularJS. 2 weeks ago, I also started looking through the Ionic 2.0 Tabs and Side Menu project and was overwhelmed by the concepts of Angular 2, TypeScript etc.

Should I start with learning Ionic 1.0 using AngularJS (and JavaScript)? Since I guess it will be easier to find sample codes and tutorials to learn from. Ionic 2.0 and Angular 2 based on TypeScript seem to be very new and things are still changing. Also as a beginner doing quick prototyping to learn, it is easier for me to learn by quickly editing JavaScript directly and refreshing the browser to check if something works, bypassing the compile and build process required required of Angular 2.

By the way, is there an original sample Conference App for Ionic 1.0? I can only find the one for Ionic 2.0 in TypeScript for Angular 2.

I’d say start by learning Angular 2 and TypeScript, then move to Ionic 2. I don’t see much point in starting with Ionic 1 at this stage.

Hi there I found myself in the same position as you , I started with ionic1 because it had more tutorials , however after checking out Angular2 concepts I switched to ionic2 , currently ionic1 is still more stable , but I’d recommend starting with ionic2 early because in the future I think you’d want to switch to ionic2 eventually even tough angular2 and ionic2 development is in progress , an ionic2 final release is closing in , also the community is great and helpful so getting into ionic2 shouldn’t be too hard .
Regarding your question about bypassing the compile and build process , I think that you shouldn’t
compile errors could be a lot of help for tracking bugs , and building using ionic serve auto refreshes your browser after any file is modified ,

If you are new to Angular JS and Ionic and have no pressing reasons to learn Angular 1.x then go with Ionic 2 and Angular 2