Should I learn AngularJs before diving into Ionic?


I know Html, Css and also Javascript (although I am not an expert in it), so should I learn AngularJs before starting development using Ionic?

Start with ionic, and a lot of questions

absolutly :thumbsup:


In my opinion no.
I started off learning about AngularJS as I learned to use ionic.
Ionic is a great platform built on AngularJS to just get on with things, but as always you bump into some details where ionic hasn`t got a ready-to-go package to use. At that moment you will quickly start learnng angularJS to solve your issues. Ionic has a great set of functions but cannot be all-things-to-all-people.

There are a few basic concepts in AngularJS that you will need to know, but Ionic has great instructions and an even greater community to get you going on this.
To me, the Ionic community introduced me to AngularJS rather than the opposite.

As always, you learn most by just ‘living it’.

Good luck!!


i disagree, most people use a framework instead of understand it…
You can see it in the most basic question here in the forum.

I started directly with ionic… and understand important things too late. :smile:

It is a different thing, if you play around for your own purpose… but using it in a professional environment like a company… you should definitively start learning the basics and understand the important topics like Data-Binding, Scope-Lifecycle, how to structure the code (here you should read john papas guide)… and so on before you use another abstraction or extention framework.

greetz ^^.


I do agree on that @bengtler

One always needs to understand the underlaying sructure before one can really get things going without wondering about very basic things.

For me Ionic was a great way to get me into AngularJS though. I think the reason because many people rather ask their questions to other people rather than reading up on underlying structures. I did spend a lot of time studying AngularJS in the process of using ionic. It gave me a way of learning-by-example.

As you start using Ionic you will quickly run out of your comfort-zone and the need for understanding AngularJS becomes crucial. For me it was a motivator rather than a roadblock.

In a professional environment there is no time for play so there I completely agree with your points.
On the forum there are many people who do this as for their spare-time and may not even have studies in that direction. For them it’s an exploration saga. Sadly enough many of those lack to investigate more profoundly into the basics before asking others (think before you speak).

It would maybe be usefull to setup a page on the site where new users can see what the basics behind ionic are and teach them the right practices from the beginning as you mentioned before (I went a through an interesting maze in the beginning).

So my revised conclusion would be that ionic can be used as an inspiration to learn AngularJS if you are into it for fun. If you want to take it serious and get somewhere fast then yes, it is essential to understand AngularJS.


I feel you should watch a couple of Angular tutorials before diving into Ionic. It will just make your life that bit easier.

There are plenty of great resources online for angular which will help in giving you a good foundation in Angular before using Ionic.

Before I started using Ionic, I watched a couple of Angular tutorials. Personally I feel this really helped me but people learn in different ways! :smile:


I believe you should. I’d also recommend learning Angular 2 now that it’s been officially released to Beta. The learning curve is much less steep. And the official documentation is much more readable.


Yes Easy to learn when you see the angularjs tutorials that is easy to work


Thanks for all the recommendations…
It will be great if someone could send some links of basic tutorials to start with.

I’m using the ionic creator (for fun), and I made a few nice applications using basic angular 1,
Now It’s hard for me to decide if I should deep learn angular 1 (because creator use ionic1/angular1) or I should start with angular 2 and ionic 2, although the creator not support it at this moment, anyone have a recommendation for my issue?


Hi Levitay,

I’m also new to Ionic and what I have read and learned so far is: you should start learning Ionic 2 or Ionic 3 ( the ionic 3 is not a huge difference from version 2 like it was from ionic1 to ionic2 ). I have learned so much in this forum and this its my first contribution and I apologize if some sentences are not very clear because the English is not my first language.

Like other comments in this post learning angular its a starting point because understanding the foundation its important. I’m currently learning Angular 4 with Udemy ( it will cost you 15$ but it really worth it) here is the link

also have a look at the Ionic web site learning tools.

hope that will help you