Learning Ionic VS Angular


I want to learn Angular but want to get started with Ionic. Should I try to get a good understanding of Angular first or should I just start with Ionic?


Well, I started by getting a good understanding of Angular, but maybe you can take both things parallel. It sure is easier the way I started, as there are many tutorials and it’s easier to set everything up for small tests, than starting with a full ionic project, where you will be dealing with much more things. I guess it’s a matter of preference and how much difficulty you are willing to take.

Good luck!


I suggest to try the course https://www.codeschool.com/courses/shaping-up-with-angular-js

It’s good to start to learn angular, then you can add ionic a slice at a time :smile:


Learn angular first.


+1 here, I started with that course, and had a really good time playing with it!


I was in similar boat…there are some great resources out there for both angular and ionic. Definitely start with angular as it help make sense of Ionic. The two Udemy courses I started with are:

  • AngularJS JumpStart with Dan Wahlin
  • Ionic by Example: Create Mobile Apps in HTML5

There have been other Ionic courses added to Udemy since. Udemy often run $10 offers (or similar).

There there is: http://mcgivery.com/100-ionic-framework-resources/

Start learning Angular and practise it in Ionic.


If you have the benefit of time, it would help more to get the basics of Angular down first.

I had to get to work with Ionic right away. Learning Angular just became part of the experience, since it’s an integral part of the framework. You’ll discover, as the rest of us have, that Ionic sits right on top of Angular. You’ll recognize the conventions very quickly.


Check out my below tutorials to learn Angular and Ionic.