Brand New - Where to start?

I just got ionic and ionic lab installed and i’m eager to get started. Where can i find some good “howTos” or tutorials for noobs?

I have it all installed, but I’m not really sure where to go from here? I’m not too well versed in the command line… Did I jump in over my head?


Look up Nic Raboy on Youtube he has over 50 tutorials on ionic.
Good guy and responsive on Twitter.

@Mainstwebguy how is your Angular? If you want to learn Ionic, you have to know AngularJS

hmmm I wouldn’t say so… I had no clue about AngularJS and learned it with Ionic.
You just need to understand the basics of AngluarJS, which is easy to pick up.

I don’t agree. Building ionic app is 90% AngularJS knowledge and 10% hybrid app, xcode, ionic components…

Sure its based on AngularJS and if you have a good knowledge its easier to develop apps.

All I’m saying is that you dont NEED to know it in first place to start with… you learn it along the way with ionic if you digging into it… thats how I got in.

Fair enough. I personally would be very frustrated if I didn’t had Angular knowledge. Also I would be asking unnecessary and silly questions here on this forum that are related to Angular and not Ionic. Glad it worked out well for you

Thanks a lot guys!

@yurinondual - My Angular is also pretty new, but as @SDEK said, the concepts of it seem pretty easy to pickup. I plan on doing a couple more tutorials on it so I feel more comfortable.

@andrewoodleyjr Thanks for the tip, i’ll be checking him out today.

thanks again all!

@Mainstwebguy check out
I’ll think this is a really good start into AngularJS !