Environment for Ionic Development - Eclipse plugins

Hi everyone

First off all, great piece of work, dev team doing great!
I want to switch to web hybrid apps development from native android evelopment. I was using eclipse and after long research I am going to stick with it. Aptana seems to have problems when testing with native device, webstrom isn’t free, sublimetext-like are not that cool.

So the question is how do I set up Eclipse for Ionic?
I have been looking at those:

Can someone please give me an advice? I really want to chose best options and start learining!
Damodar Sojka

You’d probably have to set up a dynamic web project and install a web server like tomcat or something…

If you are building the apps with Cordova, you can just load the android platform project into Eclipse after using the CLI to add the platform.

why not just use a code editor with Ionic’s CLI?

I am afraid that will be a noobie question but why do I need serwer? Is it for testing? I have ripple installed.
Also regarding testing, I should use unit tests, ripple like stuff, and native device/emulator right?

I can and would like to use code editor with CLI, but I want some well prepared plugins for angular/ionic syntax help, autocorrection, sugestions just like I was using eclipse ADT for android development, and need advice on that. Which code editor/IDE is best for that?

Moreover what tool can I use to design UI? I think it maybe be slow to just use ripple and reload all, reloading all the time to see some small changes.

Damodar Sojka

The webserver is just good to have in case you need to do any server side scripting/tests. Also, check out IDE for creating cordova Apps if you haven’t already…people are using Sublime Text 2 with AngularJS plugins, Webstorm, and others.

I don’t have experience with Ripple but it looks promising. You can certainly use the native emulators to compare with Ripple, but of course you need to test on real devices.

From what I read, isn’t Ripple real time? Thought there was no need to reload

Try Angular IDE it created by webeclipse https://www.genuitec.com/products/angular-ide/ ,
just open your project from file system and run your projetc as ‘npm instal’ and you can use the angular ide console for start project (ionic serve) or add plugging … when you change your code the application while be synchronized automatically .

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Thank you, it worked for me, I was trying to learn Ionic in an IDE but as mentioned earlier VS Code and Sublimetext etc didn’t work for me, Angular IDE is wonderful IDE for JS related frameworks…