IDE for creating cordova Apps

What IDE are You using to create ion-cordova Apps?
I’m working on netbeans 8 whidh has implemented integration with cordova, but I have lots of problems like installing google analytics plugin or building release apk.

For all my PHP projects, I’m all in for Zend Studio but when I’m rocking the client-side like in Cordova apps, Sublime Text 2 is my best friend.

But I’ve heard some great stories about WebStorm as well!

I’ll second webstorm. I’m still working on a good way to build/upload/run an Android apk on my device as easily from webstorm as it is from Eclipse. I’ve almost got it figured out with a couple scripts using ADB. For IOS, you can ask cordova to run the simulator or keep XCode open and run it from there. I use xcode, it seems to fire up the simulator a lot faster than cordova.

There’s also the Ripple emulator which is a great fit between unit tests and testing on a physical device itself. The state of Ripple is confusing but hopefully it can be moved along, I think it’s a great idea.

We’re using PHPStorm, which is the php-enhanced version of WebStorm. I don’t need Cordova integration within the IDE. Deploying via command line.

Netbeans could be perfect (and for free) but I have one problem.
I’m testing on a true device (tablet connected with USB) and I can’t get netbeans to debug it for me (and if I want to use phonegap plugins link google analytics I see no other sollution).
I think that webstorm/phpstorm can’t do that either…

Webstorm & command line +1

So You’re using phonegap build to create apk?

I use Intellij which is almost same with Webstorm and command line to integrated with cordova.

When working with cordova plugins there is problem with debugging on a real device.
Here is solution which worked for me:

i’m using IntelliJ (the big brother of WebStorm/PhpStorm) + cordova line commands

I use Sublime Text 3 with plugins for Angular.
Deploy / build with cordova command line.

i using WebStorm :slight_smile:
It’s very good and its terminal it very interesting for to compile cordova

i use IntelliJ ( with plugins for Angular) + command line as well

I’ve been using AppBuilder (from Telerik) for a while now. They have a Sublime Text package that allows me to use their build services but stick to ST as my editor. Best simulators that I’ve seen too - way better than Ripple.

I use Webstorm 8 + yeoman + generator-ionic + generator-angular
Webstorm has Grunt and Angilar and SASS integration!

I am using Eclipse. I find the HTML code formatting annoying because it always wraps ION tags on a single line. Apart from that it is doing its job.

For me also webstorm, especially because I use typescript. I use grunt as well. For fast development use android real device with kitkat 4.4.2, debugging with chrome://inspect. I compile the host app once with all plugins, and run my index.HTML file from outside apk file, and on file changes detected by grunt watch i do adb push of the files to the device, and I also push a “reload” marker file. If the device detects this file it does a reload of the current route and deletes the marker file. This gives me live reload on the device. No more waiting for recompiling the same host app all the time, only to include your www folder.

For me its also webstorm. It actually allows to configure custom “builds” so you could use grunt or ionic command line tools to semi-automate tests and deployments.

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NetBeans provides a perfect development environment for Ionic and everything else around it.