Which ide you would recommend?

What ide are you using to develop you ionic app?

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I’m using Sublime Text. My partners in crime both use WebStorm.

Horses for courses I’m sure.

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Another Sublime Text user here…

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I use SublimeText too. Of course with the nice plugins like: bracketed, linter, sidebar extension, and some other…


I use visual studio 2013. There is awesome support now for hybrid apps. They even have a phone gap project that gets you running. Just a matter of adding the ionic library, and your good to go.

I use Brackets very lightweight

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IntelliJ by JetBrains…awesome.
They have now ionic support.

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Netbeans 8 . Nice support for Cordova / AngularJS Projects

I use brackets and love it.
Add Emmet plugin for quicker HTML writing

I use SublimeText 3 as well as WebStorm by JetBrains (in essence it’s IntelliJ or PHPStorm but packed by default with web plugins). I find the latter generally better as it has stronger support and better autocomplete for Angular and you can add build/run commands to the IDE. Unfortunately SublimeText 3, while fast and with little memory footprint, doesn’t have the same support & autocomplete quality.

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I like the Atom Editor by Github

At work I use Visual Studio 2013 for Angular and HTML development and I have to say it’s pretty good. We do a lot of C# dev as well though, so it just makes sense to use it. I found it quite nice to manage a large solution - especially if you’re alread used to working with it for C#.

At home on Mac I used Submlime 3 and have recently swapped to Brackets (to see what it’s like) but I think I’m going to go back to Sublime 3 - they’re pretty similar but I feelSublime is a little more solid. I have heard WebStorm is very good so I think I’ll give that a go next

A bit of ST3, and mostly Webstorm. Both great in their own style.
Webstorm is really an IDE, ST3 a text editor.

Vim user here. There’s nerdtree when I need it, but ctrlP works for me most of the time. Fugitive plugin is awesome for git integration within the editor.


For speed and power there isn’t anything to touch it. Its fast, runs across a terminal line (or ssh session), it does highlighting, it is easily programmable (assuming you have spent 20 years doing Lisp), its simple (compared to say brain surgery or putting a person on the moon).

It has also has an operating system builtin, it handles e-mail, it does fortune cookies.

In all seriousness Emacs is a good editor, if you put the time in, you can do anything with it. I have tried Sublime and many more IDE’s but they all suffer from big problems, such as speed, their indendation is rubbish, they look poor. Not all of the IDE’s have all of the same problem, but they each have their own issues.

Emacs is good for me as I’m a UNIX junkie since, oh my gosh, I’m entering my 4th decade of using it. It is available on any version of Unix including Macs and Windows as well. It is now considered small as a package, but it has a (very) steep learning curve to get going and you do need to know lots of key combinations. I am told that there are Windowing versions available but that sounds like heresy to me. It does reward the time you put in and I still learn new things about it, which is pretty annoying. You can automate so much of your workflow with it, but you have to do it.

I used to use Brief on Windows which I thought was the second best IDE I have ever used.


I’ve being using WebStorm for the past year and half an I’m really happy with it. Best part is I can use with both Mac and Windows

+1 for WebStorm. I love that they have a free student version too :slight_smile:

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I’ve always been a diehard Visual Studio fan, but I wasn’t able to get Ionic to work with VS Intellisense so I decided to give IntelliJ Idea a whirl for the front-end side of my project.

Woah, it’s awesome and integrates with Ionic beautifully! Highly recommend

The great thing about vim is that it doubles as a random code generator trying to exit it!

I a trying to be lightweighted as possible if i am developing only with script-languages. But i will not miss some language specific stuff or plugins like jshint/lint, git gutter and other plugins.
So i am using sublimetext with some plugins. it is fast and fullfills my needs.

After that i would use something like webstorm/phpstorm.

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