Strange errors in eclipse for ionic project

Hi, i start to use eclipse to develop ionic app…but there are many errors when i import the project. If i run the aoo works, but for example i have errors in www/lib/ng-Cordova/dist/ng-cordova.js … and similar??? how can solve this?

@fabiobalsamo I will say this is not a question specific to ionic Framework. If it can help it will be more ease to use a common web-editor like Atom2, sublime2 or LightTable witch is really amazing, rather than Eclipse.

sorry man, i’ll try to ask better question. Meantime quick and easy solution : do not read it and goes on.

Could you copy and paste some of the errors you are having (or even make a screenshot) and post that here? Without them, it will be close to impossible to analyze the problem and solve the problem.

If i run the aoo works

What do you mean by that?

In General, Visual Studio seems to have quite nice support for Cordova and Ionic projects. I personally am using Visual Studio Code, maybe you want to try these instead of Eclipse?

hi, it’s an errors in the code syntax, but app still work… here the scrennshot…Thanks for help

This just means that Eclipse is no able to handle the way Ionic/Angular works. You give $cordovaOauthUtility to the $cordovaOauth factory, but as this is “magic” and also a bit strange syntax Eclipse doesn’t understand it.

Nothing to worry about. Maybe get another IDE…

Ok…thank’s a lot. I was a little worryed about. Thanks again