Recomended tools to build an Ionic app



I am trying to build an Ionic app but, can’t find any tools that work well. I have been using Brackets IDE but, when I make small changes to the Phonegap template the whole thing gets buggered up. Is there any good tools like IDE’s and emulators. I am running Windows 8.1 and use an iPhone for testing.

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IDE : WebStorm
Ripple Emulator for Chrome
Plain old Chrome or Canary support emulation of devices.


Thanks Calendee

How do you recommend setting up Webstorm?

Sinbad Labs


Just a simple install.


Is there any way to speed up the IDE.


@Calendee WebStorm is good, a nice alternative is Brackets.

While it may not have Angular code hinting support, it does have a plugin that extends support for Angular to include quick-edits for directives and controllers. Speedy, includes live reloads via a simple node.js server, and its free.


How would you recommend launching the app in JetBrains? When I right click on the index.html file the option to launch in browser just launches Chrome with a blank white page and the JetBrain icon where a favicon would be and the name of my app would be.


How should I run the emulator?


You have to make sure that cordova cli and all the dependencies installed and after initializing the project and adding a platform you will have to run cordova emulate ios for example but this is not specific to ionic this works on any Cordova/Phonegap app. Check here.

You can use the ionic cli which i think just a convenient wrapper for cordova’s with some additional features. For more information about it check the github repo.