Couldn't buy account PhoneGap Build

Hi There,

I am a web developer with 3 years experience and have worked worked with AngularJs over 1 year, So I just took a week to approach IoicFramework and Now I am ready to build some application by IonicFramework.

Now I just work on window and not ready buy new Macbook. There have service called “PhoneGap Buil” but I couldn’t purchase for account because It’s not support my country. I am Vietnamese.

Is there have any options for me without use Macbook and have other service like PhoneGap Build that I can purchase

Thanks for your reading

PhoneGap Build allows 1 private app for free and unlimited public apps. Your post says you can’t purchase an account, are you not able to use the free version of PhoneGap Build either?

According to this post there is another cloud service you can use:

Keep in mind you can use the Ionic View app for testing on an iOS device, and then use the cloud service just for deploying.


Hi brandyshea

Now I can use free version, it’s fine. I am intending publish many apps not only one and I also don’t want public my source code via GitHub. My source code should be private So that I need an premium account for building IOS App.

I may refer service like

Hi yurinondual I will refer it

Thanks for your supporting