Can you build iOS app on Windows?

I was trying to run the following command:

ionic cordova build ios

But it gave me an error:

Error: xcodebuild was not found. Please install version 7.0.0 or greater from App Store


You can use Ionic Package to build on a remote cloud service.
You can use VMWare to run MacOS on a Windows host (although not that simple - google for solutions)
You can install MacOS on your PC to create a Hackintosh if you have the right hardware.

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do i need an apple id to use the ionic package?

You always need an Apple ID because of certificates stuff needed to build. One has to be uploaded to Ionic Package or used in Xcode directly if you want to build an iOS app.

is there any way to obtain the id without paying?

You can obtain an Apple ID without paying. What you do need to pay for is the Developer License (I don’t know if that’s what they call it.). Not sure either if it’s necessary to have it just to build the app. One thing I’m sure of is that if you ever want to upload the app to the App Store, you gotta have the Dev License.

EDIT: Of course, with Apple and all of its “generosity”, you need to have a legit and updated piece of Apple hardware (iPhone, Mac, etc.) to “validate” your newly created Apple ID, which technically means you have to pay.

Or, as mentioned by @Sujan12, you can try to install Mac OS X / macOS on a Windows / Linux machine via Virtualization.

And if you want to go an extra kilometer further, you can Hackintosh which is a more long-term (but possibly less-stable) solution. You just gotta make sure you have some compatible hardware configurations.

so how to obtain the id? because i am browsing their piece of crap page and can’t find it for ages now

Are you currently using an Apple Device?

###If not, you can create an Apple ID here.

However, in order for your Apple ID to be of use, you need to associate it with an actual Apple Device (or a Mac OS X VM / macOS VM / Hackintosh will do).

If you just create an Apple ID and not associate it with an Apple Device, it’s nothing more than an inactivated account.

If you are…

Just Google how if the device is already in-use. If it isn’t (i.e. coming from a Factory Reset or is just out-of-the-box new), you can create an Apple ID as part of the device’s Initial/First-time Setup.

i have the apple account but i need the security id to build my app with ionic cloud

Try checking this out and see if it has the answers to your question. If it doesn’t, then I’m afraid I can’t help any further as I myself have no experience on building for iOS as I do not own a Mac.

If I understand correctly, then at the moment the option is only with the participation of Xcode on Windows, a virtual machine and software that will help redirect iOS devices to a virtual environment.
Convenient manual