App in works on iOS but not Android

I have an app I developed using my browser and Ionic serve, where it works perfectly. I uploaded it to Ionic View, and it also works perfectly on my iPhone, but not my Android device.

When I try and load it up on my Android Device using Ionic View, all it shows is a blank white screen. Any thoughts on what the reason for this could be, or where I could look to get more information? I’m new to this Android development scene, and I can’t figure out how to debug this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Things to check:

  1. Android version: According to it’s best to use Android 4.1 and above.

  2. Try debugging in Chrome on your Mac or PC and see if there are any errors or warnings in the console. If there are and it’s not obvious maybe try jshint or similar to find any syntax typos / problems with your JavaScript that Safari passes but Chrome / Android browser doesn’t like.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve gotten distracted in trying to figure this out, because I came to a complete standstill.

For #1, I’m using Android 5.2 currently.

For #2, I have tried running it in Chrome (no issues/errors in console), and it works on the iOS as well. I tried uploading my program through Monaca debugger, and somehow that actually worked, But if I try and build a stand-alone APK, it still doesn’t work. I’m not sure where to go next…

Have you tried on an emulator yet? Genymotion is a relatively free to use emulator. If it works on there then you’ll need to look at cordova bugs for your version of android and hardware type.

There is a way to dig into the android files and pull up logs too by the way, every device and android version is different so I would recommend doing some research on how to do that. These forums are mainly for ionic so you probably won’t see too many resources here, don’t be afraid to go to the very corners of the internet!

Good luck

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I’m getting the same kind of issue on Genymotion

Sweet, this makes your life 10x easier. So what you’ll want to do is research something like “How to get app crash logs from genymotion”. They get put somewhere on your system and you can look through the lastest rows and see if it’s a plugin issue, maybe it’s a cordova issue, etc. And then you find it, fix it, and you’re good!

Download gapDebug, configure for your Android device and check console error appears in the application running on the device. I think if you can generate the APK should not be problem or android android version. Use this tool and check its error. Attentive to your comments.