App working on android but not on IOS

I’m developing a new Ionic App. The app is working fine on browser as well as a physical android device. But the content is not getting loaded on IOS emulator or IOS physical devices. Only the static headers and side menu is getting loaded on it. I’m using local json file for data display.

Any logs or errors?
Use to see if there is any console output and inspect the elements where your content should appear.

No error, the content just doesn’t load. It works fine on chrome browser as well as android device but not on safari and IOS simulator. The path of my json file is “assets/data/myfile.json”

Can you debug your app with ionic run ios -c -l and log the http call to your json file with console.log()? Or run it directly in XCode and post the logging code here.

So you used Safari Inspector to look at the console log and file requests and nothing turned up?

Nopes, no errors on console.

Actually, the problem is that the data is not gettting rendered in the DOM. The html is trying to render it before the promise is resolved. How can I solve this issue

Found the issue. The ios-sim and ios-deploy was not installed in my system. Apologies for bothering you.

Huh? How does this affect if the content is getting loaded on a real device?

It was getting loaded on android device but not ios device. The two dependecies that I missed to install might be reponsible for updation of rom in ios