Blank screen on emulator and Ionic View



I developed an Ionic App using tabs template, and when I use the android emulator, I got a blank screen. Also, this happen when use Ionic View, however works well on iOS emulator.
Any thoughts?

Ionic version: 1.6.4
Cordova version: 5.1.1
Node: 0.12.7 (use nvm)
Mac OS X Yosemite


Have you tried on a real device using Chrome remote debugging via USB port?


I installed the apk in an Android Device (Samsung S4) and same. The blank screen. I haven’t debugging it with Chrome. I will investigate that.


That’s the most important thing you need to do because without it you are blind.


I found the issue, looks like Android doesn’t load the cordova plugins, I need to add it manually. But how about Ionic View, how do I debug that ?



I think Cordova-Android doesn’t make the hooks, I’m using cordova-android@3.6.3 bc the last release send me an error.


Wow that’s very old.

Have you checked that these files exist in the plugin?
Because the first one looks like a remote URL from google rather than a file URL.


Yeah, I missed the “http://”.
I added the latest cordova-android release:

Android project created with cordova-android@4.0.2
Running command: /Users/Ytzvan/zazia/hooks/after_prepare/010_add_platform_class.js /Users/Ytzvan/zazia
add to body class: platform-android
Installing "com.ionic.keyboard" for android
Installing "com.phonegap.plugins.PushPlugin" for android
Installing "com.phonegap.plugins.facebookconnect" for android
Installing "cordova-plugin-inappbrowser" for android
Installing "cordova-plugin-whitelist" for android
Installing "org.apache.cordova.device" for android

But, when I run ionic build android I got the following:

error caught: Error: spawn EACCES
                    throw e;

I set execution permisions, chmod, chown and still getting the error.
Any thoughts?


EACCES is usually due to missing execution rights but not sure it is about the file you copied here.

Try rm platform and add it again


Hello, I got the EACCES issue with cordova-android@4.0.2 and newer versions. I installed cordova-android@3.7 and worked fine. The blank screen issue was because ionic don’t registered the modules as Android dependencies.

I re-installed the cordova plugins, with --save flag at the end and everything run fine.

Now it’s running good.