White screen on Android device only

Hey everyone,

So I’ve gotten my ionic app to run on iOS exactly how I want it and was trying to run it on android, but I’m currently getting a white screen after it starts.

Here’s where I’m stuck though; the app runs perfectly fine on the following: iOS device, iOS emulator, browser, and ionic android emulate --livereload. But I get a white screen on an android device and ionic android emulate (no livereload).
I also tested with a plan index.html page with “Hello, World” on it (no connection to js, cordova, or anything) and was able to see the text on the emulator just fine.

I’m not sure where this could be coming from so I’m open to any ideas.


Have you used CHrome to remote debug your app on your phone through USB?

Haven’t tried chrome remote debugging yet, but having trouble getting the computer (mac) to see the android phone I have on hand. I think it might be a cable issue so I’ll report back once I get that working.

So I was unable to get the app to appear on chrome using a phone, but after using the emulator through chrome I found that it was looking at the wrong path for some angular files. After fixing that, it ran on the emulator successfully.

Unfortunately, I put it back on the phone using a .apk and installing and it wouldn’t run. Then I just tried using ionic run android and surprisingly the app worked. Where there are still some bugs in the android version it at least runs, but it seems the .apk that I generated was a part of the problem.

Not sure if it’s the phone or the file but there’s progress at least.