Windows 10 .appxupload generation

Hello everybody,

It seems I am the only one having this Problem, because I could not find any solution until now.

I am trying to publish an Ionic 2 app to the Windows Store, but the “ionic build” command only generates an appx file. This contains precompiled .Net Native code, which I can sideload on a device and it works fine.
But I cannot to upload it to the store, that produces an error claiming it needs the appxupload package instead.
The correct way would be to generate an appxupload package, but this is not generated.

I did a few tests with a newly created Ionic 2 app based on the “Blank” template. Just added the windows platform and included the “” in the config.xml. -> No appxupload file is generated. This should not include any problematic plugins, but still not working.

I am at a loss on what to try here. Anybody experiencing the same problem or has any tips/solutions for that?

Install Visual Studio 2015 .

  1. Open -> New -> Project from Existing Code -> Cordova
  2. Navigate to the directory location and select it.
  3. Once the project is created, Right click on the solution in Solution Explorer
  4. Choose Platform as Windows . ARM for Windows Mobile , x86 for Windows.
  5. Store -> Add Package to Store.

This creates the package for the relevant platform you have chosen.

Thank you for the hints! I was trying to build with the CLI, but this seems not to create the appxupload file when creating Win10 apps.
With VisualStudio, the packages are created. Thanks again!!!