Impossible to create a build for the Windows store


I’ve been trying to build an app for the Windows 10 store but unfortunatly it has been imposible. This is the workflow i’ve been following:

    1. ionic build windows -> it generates a Visual Studio project
    1. open the Visual Studio project
      Here, in the Visual Studio solution there are 3 projects:
  • CordovaApp.Phone (Windows Phone 8.1)
  • CordovaApp.Windows (Windows 8.1)
  • CordovaApp.Windows10 (Universal Windows)
    With the Windows 8.1 project I am able to create the appx and the key by right-clicking the project -> store -> Create app packages, and it opens the “Create app packages” dialog.
    The problem comes when trying to do the same but for Windows 10. Project -> store -> Create app packages and it shows an error dialog with the message "Unable to create App Package Manifest validation error.
    I have no idea about what could be wrong, can anyone give me a clue?

Thanks! :smiley:

There should be more error message stuff, explaining better what exactly is wrong. Can you find it?

Does ionic run windowswork?

Thanks for your answer Sujan12,
ionic run windows works ok, it install the app in my windows 10 PC.
This is the error:

And the package.windows10.appxmanifest:

When I try to do a build of the project, this messages are displayed:

Thank you.

Have you added WindowsStoreIdentityName to config.xml? You can get/build the string when you associate the app with the store.