Publishing windows phone ionic application to windows store


could some one please share the steps to publish the windows phone ionic application to windows store

i did upto cordova build --release windows

it generated .appxupload file

after that what should i do?


You need to login to with your Microsoft account. Create the app and reserve the name then upload the .appxupload package.



I need to make a very simple App that works also on Windows Phone, and I would love to hear form your advise.

I’m between 2 frameworks: Ionic and Onsen. Onsen officially supports Windows Phone, but Ionic does not.

Did you have any problems building or publishing your App to Windows Phone using Ionic?

The App don’t need deep integration with the platform APIs. It’s just a very basic catalog of products (it can perfectly by a standard website, but we need it to be installed on mobile phones for easy access).

Thanks in advance for your advise! :smile:


How to publish an windows app…
If the app produced by using ionic build windows is that enough to publish into windows store???


I have built and deployed debug versions to a Windows phone. Prior to uploading the app to the store you have to run an app checker to verify it. The app checker fails because the app won’t run properly on the desktop version of Windows Universal. So ended my last attempt to release an app to the Windows Store.


FYI You don’t actually have to run the app checker and verify it. They just appreciate if you do because it can help find issues. Source: have published an Ionic 2 app w/o running the app check…