How to build a UWP from Ionic App into one single file?

Hello. I have this Ionic App I’ve made, and I want to build it for windows. I build it using:

ionic cordova build windows --prod -- --arch="x64"

This generates a Visual Studio project along with an Appx folder, which contains my app, a certificate and a folder with the dependencies I need to install. I can install the dependencies, the certificates and lastly, my app and use it correctly.

But I don’t want every person I want to try this app to do that. Is there a way to bundle up all those things and steps in a single installer. Maybe with another command, or by using Visual Studio?

Hope someone can help me or give me any directions.

What version of cordova-windows are you using?
In general, if I remember correctly, it should build one installable file.

Hi @Sujan12.


cordova (Cordova CLI) : 8.0.0
Cordova Platforms : android 6.4.0, windows 5.0.0

Running the command I post before produces something along the lines of:

        *a lot of Visual Studio files and folders
                * App.appx
                * App.cer
                * Dependencies (I have to install what is in here to be able to install the appx)


I’m trying to generate it using VIsual Studio instead of just Ionic, but I’m not getting the single file I want.

Your Cordova tooling seems to be out of date, which might be causing all kinds of problems.
You can read about how to figure out the current Cordova versions and how to update CLI, platforms and plugins here:

Note that the newer cordova-windows prefers to use VS17 to build.