Ionic app for windows 10 platform does not work at all


Hi everyone i am developing an app for windows 10 surface using ionic but when i run the basic boiler plate project i see this in case of windows


Lol that’s quite funny.

Are you wanting to deploy to Windows phone?

That boilerplate looks like ionic 4 which doesn’t support windows phone.


Hey thanks for the reply.
No actually what i am trying to do is, developing the app for windows 10 surface pro.
and i see this even when i install the same appx built file on windows 10 i see this blank screen:


How are you building the appx?

I would’ve thought you would need to Electron the app but am interested in your method.

  • also do you mean to say that i cannot develop for windows 10 universal app platform as well using ionic framework?
  • but please also confirm that why do we have the windows option even when we cannot build for windows platform.

about your question:
How are you building the appx?
No i did not use electron till now, all i did was to just add platform for windows installed VS2015 and changed the environment variables like MSBUILD path, then i did added some preferences in the config.xml for windows target version = 10.0 and then i just ran build for windows and in the packages folder of windows i had the appx file and the certificate in it.
I am even able to install the appx but i am having this issue only where after installing i cannot see any output. this is the only issue left i believe.


Finally completed the windows 10 app issue. All up and running with ionic :slight_smile: