Why this codepen template build a white screen android apk even if serving it works well?

i’m able to build android apk that works on my nexus 5 starting for tabs default template.


ionic start myapp
ionic add platform android
ionic build template

i obtain apk, i install on my nexus and it works.

using this template http://codepen.io/ionic/pen/CbBsA i obtain an apk once installed give me a white screen even if serving with cli it looks like working.

where i can find some logs or other useful information to understand what is going wrong?


i also tried with http://docs.ionic.io/v1.0/docs/package-android but nothing changed.

Plug the device into your computer, open Chrome on your computer and go to chrome://inspect
You should see your device. click Inspect, and go to the console tab, it most likely has come red errors.

Like @EffEPi told you, use Chrome Remote Debugging.