Ionic Not Fully Building APKs correctly

Ionic Not Building a Working APK

Howdy all, I am looking for some help when building an APK from ionic "ionic serve" works correctly, however, when built to an actual device I receive a white non-functional screen!

UPDATE: Receiving false, 404 and POST errors. I have a login page that loads, but does not allow any calls to or from outside data. Again, members of my team are building from the exact same repository; and it is working.

I noticed the issue began when updating ionic, cordova, node, and other dependencies. It seems unlikely that the project code itself is the issue as it worked yesterday with the older environment; as well as ran fine with ionic serve

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you used Chrome remote debugging?

I have, however, as far as I can see it only gives me 404 and POST errors, which are not correct, as my fellow team members are building from the same repository.

ionic serve works fine for me, and all accompanying behavior.

Other members of my team, using the same code source, are able to build out to a device without any of the app issues.

You don’t give enough details to get help: no code, no log, only your interpretation.

What URL are you accessing?

It’s often the case when you’re running both the browser and sever on same machine, it’s a different story when you’re on a phone trying to access a server.