App working with serve but gives blank screen with android build

I have developed an app. With ionic serve everything works fine. However when I run ionic run android I get a white screen.

I have a feeling it has something to do with template urls like:

templateUrl: 'build/components/_UI/Timeline/TimelineItem/TimelineItem.html'

instead of embedded templates.

Do more people have this problem?

Update: I can confirm that embedding the templates inside the .ts files solves the problem. This looks like a bug.

The urls shouldn’t mess with anything. What version of android are you deploying too?

V2 supports android 4.4 and up, so that could be the issue.

I am using Android 6.0 on a Motorola X Style. It looks like it has something to do with nested components. Say component A uses B and B uses C.

When A has a templateUrl there is no problem as long as B and C have inline templates. When B or C have a templateUrl as well I got this white screen.

Just as an extra detail which might help: Component A is used on a tabbed page.