White screen at android

I create ionic app, it works well in browser, but I want build for android.
It work as expected only in one type of virtual device, all other with lower api version give me white screen and different errors. App not work at real device too. Looks like this is build API version cause.
Can anybody provide complete guide how to build ionic for android?

Thank you
I already know this doc, but there no answer for my question.

Is it normal that target in tsconfig set to “esnext” if I need app for android 5?

I would go with es5 if i really wants to support old deprecated device. You can deploy two apk on google play store too and target specific android version

Ionic and capacitor declare support of android 5, I don’t think this version is deprecated.

I.e. capacitor by default deploy only for latest api? No any backward compatibility transpiling?

You asked for a guide on building for Android. You need to revise your question to get a better answer.

So I’m guessing what you’re asking is why your app is showing blank screen. This can be many things. While building with ionic build android, see if theres any errors showing in the logs. If not, Open the chrome inspector while the app is running and look at the logs and see for errors, Mostly likely theres an error in one of your modules.

If you don’t know how to debug for Android, in the link i posted, theres a section on how to debug for android, which will help and point you in the right direction. Goodluck!

Targeting lower Android APIs than suggested will make you go deeper in the rabbit hole and give you countless problems.

I need a complete guide because seems like it has some pitfalls. Maybe capacitor support by default only latest android API and I need some extra settings for older version or I dunno.

It shows different errors in different versions of API.

I don’t need lower, v5 is enough for me, but it already not work in v9!

I cannot formulate a question. I just want know why it not work as expected. Is it bug? Or everyone can create apps and ionic not work only for me?

Looks like Ionic doesn’t work at android without google apps. Awful that it is not specified in the documentation

UPD: this is not off-topic, I provide tech info, wtf?
From docs

Capacitor requires an Android WebView with Chrome version 50 or later.

window.navigator.userAgent return
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 9; Android SDK built for x86_64 Build/PSR1.180720.012; wv) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/66.0.3359.158 Mobile Safari/537.36
Why it not work?