White screen in Android just on built app

When I run my app in the browser or in a device (with ionic run android -l) it works fine.

But when I install the built app, it shows the splash screen and then a white screen on content area and a header bar with no text.

How can I check what is going wrong in my built app?

I built this app many times ago and it just worked. As this time it broke, I did a checkout to the last production version to built it again, but I had the same issue.

I use the instructions of “Publishing your app” docs.

Use Chrome remote debugging to inspect your app running on your real device connected via USB to your PC.

@gmarziou, I just can see my app in Chrome remote devices when I’m running ionic run android -l.
As this is my release build and I installed its apk on my device, chrome remote devices does not show my app.

Is there a way to debug the release build?


Never tried.
Or you could use adb logcat

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@gmarziou, thank you a lot!

I used adb logcat *:E -C and I saw that when my app was started it prints on console:

E/AndroidProtocolHandler(31638): Unable to open asset URL: file:///android_asset

So I fixed this file and now it is ok! I’m just curious why this passed before.

Thank you again :grinning:

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