Why the Angular version of Ionic is 1.3.6?

I am having some issues with the Angular filters, everyone says: is because you are not using angular 1.3.8 or above versions, I just realized my version by doing angular.version on the console and:
Object {full: "1.3.6", major: 1, minor: 3, dot: 6, codeName: "robofunky-danceblaster"} comes up, so, how do I update to 1.3.8 at least ?

bower install driftyco/ionic-bower#master

maybe this will help you out;)

and what would do ? I mean, can you explain a little more ?

I just realized I can not work with that bro, I already have my app almost done, and all I need is to change the Angular version, not the entire Ionic

bower update angular --save will update your angular version and persist the changes to bower.json.

Or you could open up bower.json and change the version of angular there, then do a bower install.