What's the best way to start learning how to build mobile apps with the ionic platform with no real prior experience

I’ve worked with a friend to get the initial version of my app on the iOS app store using objective-c. We have about a thousand downloads but at this point I’m more interested in learning how to re-build the app myself. I’ve been referred to ionic a number of times…

My app has similar functionality to Vine. 8-second videos, user profile pages, liking and commenting, etc.

For someone who has never programmed before, are there resources to help me get started with this platform?

http://www.w3schools.com/ start with html, css, javascript and then angularjs.

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Have you ever heard of http://courses.devdactic.com/courses/ionic-by-doing ? I know basic html, css, and javascript.

I’ll plug my video course from O’Reilly: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920046141.do
But you will need a foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript first. From there, you will expand into Angular, as well as understanding Apache Cordova.

The challenge is Ionic is in the process of building their next version. So, you can start with the stable version 1 and go from there. Or you can jump ahead and work with Ionic 2 (and all the moving parts).

You are going to find a lot more Ionic 1 resources to help guide you along. The Ionic 2 resources are fewer, and subject to being out-dated as the beta process moves along.

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No I can’t say I have. I learned the basics at school so I never used an online course. You should check reviews for it before committing to such a course to see if it fits your needs