Ionic 1 or 2 for beginners?


I want to start learning ionic, but idk where to start and what version to learn.
So what version to choose?
Could you recommend me some tutorials for beginners?

Thanks :slight_smile:

btw i’m totally new in mobile apps, so i’m not switching from cordova or phonegap, but from php.


As you’re starting from scratch I’ll tend to say “go for Ionic 2” as it’s the newer one. For the tutorials, you should look at the documentation, there is severals examples to help you learn the basics :slight_smile:


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Welcome to Ionic!

I would recommend you to read the Getting Started part of the documentation:

This will help you set your dev environment, understand some high level concept and create your first mobile app.

Second stop would be Josh’s blog. It’s a great place to start and understand key features and continue your progress

Good luck!

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