Beginner's Requirement To Start Building Native Apps

Hello, I am new to this frame work and I want to now if having the following knowledge acquired will help me to build my apps efficiently:

  1. Anjular JS

  2. sqlite

And also having these tools:

  1. Apache.

Please I need your help. Thank you

Hi @pytdata, welcome!
Don’t worry, Ionic is not difficult.
You may find an example in the web and try to develop.
I’m sure in about one day you will have an app done.
This is good to know a little bit:


So, put your hands dirty, and start something right now!


Read all tutorials and guides on

You will find yourself mostly stuck understanding the angular engine underneath

Use the starter apps on the ionic cli to learn bu example and get your hands dirty


Tnx soo much @TomCosta

@TomCosta Please can you help me out with how I can create my own pages inside the templates…??