I'm an iOS developer and want to learn Ionic2, what should I do first?


I’m an iOS developer who have been using objective-c for two years.
Now situation is that I should build a shopping mall app in three months and it should be a hybrid app.
I searched for a while and everything tell me that Ionic 2 is the way I should go.
Problem is that I know nothing about JS, AngularJS, and node.js.
I know basic HTML and CSS.

Here’s my plan.

  1. Learn basic JS(ES6 or Typescript?) for half month.
  2. Learn AngularJS for half month.
  3. Learn node.js for half month.
  4. Build app for one and half month.

The app I should make is not very complicated and not a huge project either.
If I build the app with native iOS code, it will take about a month.

My question is

  1. Do you guys think the above plan is realizable?
  2. If my plan looks wrong, then where should I start from?

I hope somebody who has similar background as mine would guide me, however, anyone please advice me.
Any comment would be very appreciated.

Thank you.

Learn vanilla JS/Typescript first
Then, fold in Angular2
Spend some time learning CSS
No real need to learn node for Ionic, it is just used.
Spend some time understanding what Cordova is and how it works.

Good luck. FYI, my book from O’Reilly will available soon (post-RC1) and should be a good resource for you :slight_smile:


Here’s are some online course that helped me (I am a Java developer and came with very little web development experience… had only some basic exposure to HTML5,css and JS )

Angular 2 - The Complete Guide (Updated to Final Version!) -

Ionic 2 Master Course - The New Generation of Mobile Apps -

Also Josh Morony’s online tutorials helped me (http://www.joshmorony.com/tag/ionic2/)

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Thank you very much. The Angular course looks really helpful.

First of all, go through this website and play with some components to see how simple and awesome Ionic 2 is.

Then go through this to run a basic ionic application.

Now, you know what Ionic can do and how easy it is to deploy on browser, simulator or physical devices. Go through Angular 2 course because Ionic 2 is based on Angular 2.
Very good Angular 2 course
Angular 2 - The Complete Guide (Updated to Final Version!) -

And finally, https://github.com/driftyco/ionic-conference-app shows demo of many things that Ionic can do. Always a reference point when you face difficulties.

Thank you very much. Would you please tell me title of your book? and it will be available in Amazon, right?

About “3. Learn node.js for half month.” … in my point of view you don’t need necessary to learn node.js to build a Ionic app.

Briefly and really generally speaking I would say:

Ionic and angular= client side
Node.js = server side

Some details at http://www.ionic2book.com/

Awaiting RC1 to refresh the first nine chapters, and hand it over to O’Reilly’s production team