What knowledge to prepare for ionic development?

Hi, all. I am a beginnger of ionic development. my working experience is mostly on Embedded software, and I am using C++ all the time. I have some experience of Android Native App development. I found ionic is really amazing, I want to learn, but, a little confused what knowledge to prepare. I have some basic experience on HTML and CSS. Should I learn Java script firstly? Or should I learn Angular.js or Node.js directly? Or just find a book on HTML5?
I am really confused.

Can anyone help me on this?

Really appreciate!

Humm… Indeed ionic is amazing-

Best things about IONIC that you can actually build an app without touching the CSS! so you don’t have be to a CSS guru. however you should be somehow very familiar with html and JavaScript.

So i think number 1: just start building a dummy webpage using HTML - CSS - JS … just mess with it a little.
later on Move to AngularJs. Also build a dummy website add a couple of pages (use ui-router) … (after that you should be familiar with controllers , services , states, templates)


  • HTML/CSS/JS <–checked
  • AngularJs and a single page application <-- checked

Now that the above concepts are grasped you can easily start developing an app using IONIC


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Waw!!! Thanks a lot for your detail reply. I am impressed.
Now it’s clear what I should do first, thanks again, you are so nice.

Good understanding of Javascript and Angular.js is a must

BTW, how about the Node. Js?

Only if you need to implement a backend. But not directly relates to ionic. The only part of node you need is npm (node package manager) But there is nothing to learn, as it is very straightforward