Basic for using Ionic


Ok, since I stopped my developement cause a lack of knowlegde (I miss almost everything about Angular), can someone could tell me which are the basics to use Ionic? I mean: which skills I need to develop with this powerful framework? So I can start studying without making abomination or simply don’t search the net for what I need. Thank you all. :wink:


Well, understanding angularjs is a must in my opinion… When you have that, u just have to got some javascript knowledge and I think that’s about it really


Ok, thank you @iwantwin! I think I have more than basic javascript/html5/css3 knowledge. I miss only Angular, that’s in fact, the core of Ionic.


You should focus on angularjs then :slight_smile: I was quiet puzzled at first, and still am pretty often, but it really is a great framework :slight_smile: It has a steep learning curve though, because it is real much different compared to vanilla javascript. Once you get the hang of angular… Ionic is a piece of cake, it’s just adding some angular directives basically, so if you understand angular it’s just some ionic “syntax” and ur there :slight_smile:


Fine, thank you! :smiley:
How much did it take to you learning Angular.js?


I’ve just mastered some basics :open_mouth: Still googling a lot everyday :wink: I’ve learned by watching some videos of people explaining it, watching some recorded webinairs etc. Best practice is to help people on forums and stackoverflow for example, because there are real cases which need a solution. I’ve been combining learning with replying a lot on ionic forums, and learned a lot from it :smile:

Basically, after two weeks of doing the above, I found myself understanding the principles of angular. Only after two months I was looking for creating my first custom directive… But yeah, when you have angularjs basics you should be able to do something with ionic i guess :slight_smile:

(I’ve been checking on ionic since first week of august, ionic was my first encounter with angularjs.)