Knowledge required in order to effectively use Ionic framework


I am very much interested in Ionic framework and planning on building a few apps using it.

As such, I have several questions about the knowledge required in order to use it.

  • Apart from knowing Javascript on decent level, knowledge of AngularJS is required. Is this true?
  • Do I need to know how to code in NodeJS ?
  • What other language knowledge is required ?
  • I take pragmatic approach when it comes to learning programming languages. Apart from docs, examples and tutorials available on the official website of Ionic, are they any other learning materials available? (I do not look for tutorials that show you how to create “hello-world” type applications but rather ones that will explain general concepts)
  • Is Ionic MVC type of framework?

Hopefully, I am not too confusing.


  1. Knowledge of angular will be good.
  2. node js knowledge that you need from start is how run node commands and install packages.
  3. There is get started tutorial(not hello world) on ionic w/s.
  4. ionic based on Angular and it is MVW(last letter whatever)

When you say “from start”, do you imply that for more advanced apps, knowledge of Node Js is also required?

  1. Some experience in Angular would help, but you can start learning angular as your learn ionic
  2. Nope, unless you need to do anything with node in your app, you don’t need to learn node at all
  3. Just CSS, HTML, and JS should be all you need.
  4. We have a bunch of demos on our codepen page and from our starter projects
  5. Ionic is just the UI for an angular app. Angular does all the heavy lifting really, we’re just here to make things look pretty on mobile :smile:

Node js - if you want to make some improvements to gulp build - I mean that)

yeahh, thats still javascript though, so you shouldn’t have to deal with some of nodes low level apis.
Anything that you would want to do in side of the gulp file should be pretty straight forward, as gulp modules tend to pretty simple to integrate…as opposed to say a new grunt task.

Thank you for your great answers! I have two more if you don’t mind:

  • So if Ionic framework is purely for mobile frontend, does it mean it is compatible with MEAN stack?
  • What is Ionic stack (it is on the main website under section Products) ?
  • If I understand correctly, it will be paid, right?

In response to what other people have said about Angular, as someone in the midst of learning right now, I think you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration by going through at least one or two in-depth tutorials about angular before starting anything with ionic.



I’m exploring Ionic compare with React Native. May I know what is prerequisite for Ionic to run in Mac, Linux, and Windows in order to compile in Web/iOS/Android?

Is Ionic a open source? I check why it is charging money?