How is the best way to learn Ionic?

Hey guys, I’m trying to learn how to develop mobile applications with ionic 2 and would like to receive tips and opinions about what do I need to learn and if possible, some links.

In my searching, i’ve found that Ionic 2 is build on Angular 2 and ES6, so my main doubt is if I need to deeply study ES6 and Angular 2 before try Ionic 2.

Can you help me?

Ionic 2 is somewhat abstracted from Angular 2, Ionic is built on top of Angular so can use all Angular syntax, but also has its own syntax.

In terms of learning I would suggest learning some basic ES6 concepts and how it differs from JavaScript you already know.

After that pul down some of the sample projects or follow the fantastic guide found here

Josh Morony also has a fantastic series -

Welcome to the community, take your time, and have fun!


I prefer to use video courses. Pluralsight has great materials about Angular 2, and course about Ionic 2. Somewhere, surfing, you can find how to get half-year free access.

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Yeah, i’m using Pluralsight!

but mostly I can hear that the best way is to create some simple pet-projects. And doing uncommon things, you will cover many aspects of technology. I am also on my way to learn Ionic. Have a year experience with node.js, and trying to find some ideas.

Great Post
Thanks a lot it helped me a lot
I am also going to share it to my friends and over my social media.
Also, is a great platform to find and share the best tutorials and they have a specific page for Ionic

This might be useful to your readers:

Well, if you wan’t to learn ionic, you can go through the recommended tutorials on I’ve just started learning Ionic and this site is helping