What is the minimum iOS version supported by ionic 3?

As I got information from googling and reading on ionic official docs iOS 8+ should be supported but when I tried to download it from the app store in my device (iPhone 5) I got

This means the ionic 3 apps are not supported by iOS 10. If so then is there any way to make it available for iOS 10 as well in ionic 3?

any help is appreciated.

This doesn’t really depend on Ionic 3, but on Cordova/Capacitor and/or the plugins you use.
Ionic 3, as framework supports iOS 8+.

So, if you develop an Ionic 3 app and deploy it as a web app, it will work fine on iOS 8+.

But if you want to deploy it to the App Store, then you’ll have to use Cordova or Capacitor to deploy the app, in that case:

If you use Capacitor, it requires iOS 11+.

If you use Cordova:

cordova-ios 4.x supports iOS 9+.
cordova-ios 5.x supports iOS 10+.


If you use cordova-plugin-ionic-webview, 4.x, it requires iOS 11+.
If you use cordova-plugin-ionic-webview, 2.x, it requires iOS 10+.

All those requirements are independent from the Ionic version you use.


Impossible to be clearer