Creating an app compatible for iPad 2 (iOS 9.3.6)


I wan to create an app with comptability for the iPad 2 running 9.3.5. Does anyone know which version of Ionic I need to use?

I researched that Cordova 6 dropped support for so I checked the version list and I see that Cordova 5.4.1 the latest 5.x.x is. So I need to use Cordova 5.4.1.

But which Ionic version do I need to use in cohort with that? Can anyone point me out to the right npm install command I then have to use? Would really appreciate it.

You can not use a Cordova-iOS Version smaller then 5.1.0. Before this Version, cordova-ios uses the now deprecated UiWebView and new Apps with Usage of this can not be uplaoded to AppStore since April this Year (Updates until December).

Maybe check out Capacitor? I never used it and don’t know the min iOS Version…

Well that means I can use Cordova iOS 5.4.1 right?

Also I checked capacitor but as far as I know this only supports iOS 10+

Cordova-ios has no Version 5.4.1 :thinking:

Oh I see indeed. but they have version 5.1.1 does that work?

Sorry, I was looking at the versions of Cordova itself not the ios version.

What do you recommend if I want to make an app compatible with iOS 9.3.5?

Capacitor only works on iOS 11+

The Min iOS Version since cordova-ios 5.1.0 bumped up to 10.0. See:

Well, this is unfortunate. So that means I cannot use Cordova / Ionic to make an app for iOS 9? What are my options?

Can you explain my why you need to support such an old iOS Version?

My main audience are elderly people and most of my targe audience got iPad 2’s for free from the government. So to reach as much as I can I want to support the iPad 2 as well, and that iPad has a maximum iOS version of 9.3.6.

If you want to distribute your app via appstore, you sadly have absolute no options. This Device is not possible to target then.

That is really unfortunate. That means I have to go Native, or isn’t it possible to publish to the app store for iOS 9?

I think it is possible to publish, but you are not allowed to used the UiWebView

Ah ok. Well that means that I cannot use Ionic, because that will use that UI webview I think. I will check if I can use reactnative or something like that then. Thanks for the help.