Install capacitor 3 in ionic 6 project

i have an ionic 6 project that uses latest capacitor i can’t find a way to downgrade the capacitor version from 5 to 3
i am trying to use capacitor 3 since capacitor 3 can support ios 12 and i need to support ios 12+ devices

You can specify a specific version. For example, npm install @capacitor/core@^3.0.

It’s not worth doing that, you’ll support iOS 12 but you’ll miss fixes for more recent iOS versions, and you’ll have more users in those recent iOS versions complaining that users on iOS 12.

Also would be a problem for Android users, you need to use Capacitor 5 to properly support Android 13 devices.

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To add on to what Julio said, the number of people using iOS 12/13 is very low.

According to App Store - Support - Apple Developer, 89% of all iOS devices use either iOS 16 or 17. The remaining 11% likely skews towards there newest remaining versions (in this case iOS 14 and 15).

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