[ Solved] Ionic 4 minimum iOS support

Hi, I search through quite many places but still feeling confused with what’s the minimum version I could go with Ionic 4.

From my understanding, Ionic 4 minimum support is iOS 10, am I right?

Cordova version will affect the result, right?
Assume with the latest cordova 9 + cordova-iOS 5.0.1, what’s the minimum version it can support?
From my testing Ionic v1 + cordova 9 + cordova-iOS 5.0.1 it seem can support down to iOS 9

But Ionic 4 default come with ionic-webview 4 which support minimum iOS 11, then it cause minimum support of Ionic 4 become iOS 11??
Or I can downgrade / remove this plugin? and support down to iOS 8?

Really appreciate if anyone could advise.

Pretty sure Ionic 4 is iOS10+

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Based on my testing and according to this post, cordova-plugin-ionic-webview 2.x can support iOS 10 and above only.

Plus documentation from Ionic
and reply from richard

Marked this case as solved which Ionic 4 can minimum support iOS 10 only by using cordova-plugin-ionic-webview 2.x

Thanks Richard