Backend for Ionic App


For you, what is the best solution for the Back end of Ionic app ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

There are no “best” solutions. It depends on your requirements.
Explain more what you need :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer and sorry for my english, I’m french.

So i need secure authentification, notification push, storage with SQL and that’s all I think :slight_smile:

And I need interaction between my app and server like get_movie() return batman for one user and spiderman for one other :slight_smile:

So, what are you looking for, a platform/service or some way to develop that?

I’m using PHP…it’s depends of you!

@danillo10 why PHP and not node.js ?

@zyzmoz I’m a begginer, I don’t now very much back end, I hesitate between develop my own server with my database and nodeJS for the api or use a service like firebase … What would you recommend ?

@Quiesan There are many ways to do that… At first you should analyze your context before choose one.
Let me explain, if you need some specific feature or you’ll prefer take control of your server, build your own back-end should be the best choice, so any dev language can be used (in my case javascript w/ node);
If you don’t need a dedicated server you can use firebase or any service that provides the functionalities needed.

You can also use ParseServer, that is a kind of REST platform where you’ll use mongoDB and expressJS locally and if you want also can be deployed on Heroku…


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Thanks for this complete answer ! :slight_smile:

If I choose to build my own server, is it complicated that security, authentification, notification push …?

Don’t mention it :smiley:

Not much because you can use some libraries/packages to do that…

About Security:

About Notification:

About Authentication:


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Ok thank you very much !

So for you if I want the control on my server, the best solution is to build him with nodeJS ? :slight_smile:
Thanks for links !

As I told you, depends the context… Once I had to build an app that would have to run on a local network and use a specific database, in that case the best solution was build my own server side.

Another example is: Last year I was working with a startup and they needed a WebRTC signaling server, it was a specific functionality and we thought that build server side would be the best solution in the beginning and we could implement what we wanted without service or price limitations…

Ok I understand!

Thank you and have a good day ! :slight_smile:

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Not that anybody need care about my opinion, but I think NodeJS is the absolute worst option for the backend to an Ionic app. Now, I completely hate JavaScript as a language, so that’s a major factor, but more objectively I think that having the same language in frontend and backend encourages developers to share code between the two, which makes it much harder to ever swap either piece in the future.

Using different languages organically helps maintain a Chinese wall that makes the frontend and backend truly independent.


Thank for your opinion @rapropos. For you, what is the best solution ?

And another question, if I use nodeJs, How can I manage many connexions, in detail, if I have 10000 user in the same time on my server, the server can lag ?

I absolutely do not expect you to follow my recommendations here, but my favorite backend stack for Ionic applications is golang, sqlx, PostgreSQL, and gocraft/web.

That depends on you and your requirements, for example, for me Firebase database and auth is enought :slight_smile: but you have a lot of other options, Mongo + Express, Ionic Storage (this is SQL).

So first of all think what do you want and what do you need :wink:

I need a very simple server but I am suspicious with firebase because google can see all your data…

And I want a good solution if many users use him in the same moment